Value oriented mind-set

In the Investment unit VERIANOS brings together our in-house investment activities and investment management services for third parties. VERIANOS invests as a sole investor as well as through JV and co-investment structures, depending on volume, segment and profile of the investment. VERIANOS also acts as investment manager on behalf of institutions, sourcing, structuring and executing direct transactions, portfolio and club deals, as well as structured investment vehicles.

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Creating value in today’s real estate markets requires a thorough understanding of the underlying drivers. VERIANOS has the ability to identify and source opportunities through a unique international network and the perseverance to convert these opportunities into profitable investments.

We create value in highly competitive markets with superior dedication and competence at every stage of the investment value chain.


Trust is the decisive element in a client relationship. To underline our commitment to any transaction, and to be able to participate extensively in the value creation, VERIANOS typically acts as a co-investor and is incentivised by performance-driven fee elements.


VERIANOS approaches investments from an entrepreneurial perspective, constantly seeking to identify value. Thoroughly committed to value creation, we believe it is essential to perform key activities in-house with our experienced team: origination, structuring, acquisition, asset management, development, marketing, letting and disposal.


Investment structures managed by VERIANOS are characterised by transparent governance and fee structures. Professional clients require increasing standards of documentation and transparency.
We are committed to adhere to transparency to the highest institutional standards.